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When I see you...I see me


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About Us

Doll Designer

Custom Made Sister Dolls
Recycled, Upcycled  antique Jewelry, leather and suede.


Adrian Holmes is the creator of the beautiful and culturally iconic "I am My Sister" doll line which reflects and celebrates the regal essence of beauty, grace, and style of women who have come before us and who have shaped who we are today. 

Adrian, a native of Philadelphia, PA, attended Philadelphia High School for Girls and spent several years at York College in PA, before serving honorably in the US Air Force for 15 years. The desire to live a more creative and fulfilled life lead Adrian to home-school her two daughters and start A. Renee Designs, LLC, which specializes in custom faux finishes, window treatments, and interior design. Adrian now owns and operates Liv Again, a retail store located on Maryland's Eastern Shore, 12 miles from the birthplace of Harriet Tubman. Adrian is a leader and promoter of Black businesses on the Underground Railroad Byway.

The creation of the "I am my Sister" doll is a natural creative progression from her A. Renee Design experience. Each doll reflects a life well-traveled and well-lived, is handmade and individually “dressed”; no two are alike. The dolls embody the spirit of our mothers and grandmothers; sisters and aunts, daughters and goddaughters, and let us know, we do not walk this journey alone!

 I am my Sister...when I see you, I see me!

In Her Own Words

What are Sister Dolls?


This hand crafted one-of-a-kind doll collection reflects the beauty, pride individuality, and collective strength of "Sister-women" and of womanhood. Cloaked in an eclectic mix of ethnic and traditional textiles, each I am My Sister doll is completely made of recycled and re-purposed clothing, jewelry, leather and other textiles, draped, stitched and shaped to reflect a story...your story. Find yourself in a I am My Sister doll! 

Our Creative Process


Each doll is adorned in clothing that  contains a little bit of old, a little bit of new mixed with lots of creativity and love!   

Like us, the dolls skin color ranges from ivory to midnight!

I love to create custom dolls that commemorate a special person or occasion in life, reflective of today's art and culture yet so  timeless creating a beautiful legacy for generations to come.

I can incorporate a wedding or prom dress; or one of your fathers favorite ties.. I can create the perfect Sister Dolls fashion that marks that moment with uniqueness, beauty and love!